Cool Confectionaries was founded by Susan Benjamin, a former communications strategist, professor and researcher. She has published countless articles, was quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and many other publications, and has appeared on numerous television and radio outlets. Her interest in how food was marketed to women, addressed in her ninth book “Flash” (Adams, 2011), plus numerous serendipitous events, lead her to research candy history. She was amazed to find that relationship between medicine, culture, industry, women and food, warfare …and so much more! And that the flavors were more complex and remarkable than most imagine. Plus, having spent 25 years training professionals, she recognized that candy offered a uniquely visceral approach to history. Hence the True Treats line of historic candy was born.

The overriding mission of Cool Confectionaries is to provide customers with the most authentic products possible,coupled with fascinating and relevant information. In our retail stores, our mission is to ensure that everyone who enters our doors has a memorable experience, regardless of how much they purchase. For our wholesale customers, we intend to provide products that complement their unique settings and enhance the customer’s visit. And for our online customers, we hope to reach through cyberspace with old-time flavors and content they’ll never forget.

Cool Confectionaries
144 High Street
Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

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